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BIDET4ME Announces Limited Time 60% Discount on the Dual Nozzle Easy Bidet, Low Prices for Other Products In Stock
Date : 2013-01-20 00:00:00

                                                                    BIDET4ME _ Promotion MB-2000

Bidet and toilet seat supplier BIDET4ME is currently having a limited time sale, inviting customers to purchase bidets and other toilet accessories for up to 60% discounted prices. Their most popular item in stock, the Easy Bidet initially priced $129 is currently on sale for $53.99.

Arcadia, California – BIDET4ME, a reputable seller of toilet products and accessories, has recently announced they will now be offering an unprecedented discount of 60% for the Easy Bidet, one of their most appreciated products. BIDET4ME has several years of experience selling user and environmentally-friendly bath products and accessories at some of the most competitive prices on the market. At the moment, most of the products they hold in stock are heavily discounted.

Their most enticing offer, the Easy Bidet currently available on sale for $53.99 at, features dual cleaning nozzles for men & women, water pressure and temperature control knobs, as well as cold & hot water spray. The bidet toilet seat requires no electricity and battery power; it connects directly to the water line, making it easy for homeowners to install it themselves. What makes the Easy Bidet better than other products is the unified valve that enables users to better regulate water stream, the different nozzles that can be easily replaced for better hygiene and the Positive Stepping Pressure Control that permits easy pressure control.  

“Bidets are not simply a better cleaning option than toilet paper”, says spokesperson for BIDET4ME, “they actually provide a non-abrasive, gentle and comfortable way to clean. Using a toilet seat bidet is also more effective at preventing bacteria to germinate and spread and highly beneficial for people with medical conditions such as hemorrhoids and diarrhea or for those with limited strength in their feet and arms. Bidets will leave you and your entire family feeling clean, refreshed, secure and confident”.

Customers are all happy with their purchase, saying that: “I have been looking for bidet for some time...most require electricity and need professional installation. But this one easily connects to the sink and existing fixtures(I had to use adapters for hot water supply due to different valve size-easily available at home improvement centers). Also a good time to flush out the valve during installation(dissolved particles from existing gaskets/seals ) to make sure that they don't clog the water supply line. If you can perform basic plumbing tasks, this one is pretty simple to install.”

To get your own Easy Bidet before the offer expires, please visit


About BIDET4ME specializes in supplying top quality toilet seats. They have been providing residential and commercial bidets or toilet seats to the North American, as well as international markets. They have enjoyed a good reputation for the quality and reliability of their products, being able to meet all requirements and demands of health-conscious consumers.


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