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BIDET4ME MB-2000 (Dual Nozzles – Male and Female) Non-Electric Bidet
Date : 2013-01-18 00:00:00

BIDET4ME _ Femal & Male     BIDET4ME offers a variety of bidet services that are convenient and also comes with easy and efficient technology. MB-2000 is one such product from Bidet4me which is basically a water spray with dual nozzle with dual option of warm and cold water flow. The available tubes in this system are usually 110 inches long and come in a size of 17.32' x 7.09' x 1.6-3.94'. The price of this equipment is also very much affordable with a tag of $89.99 (MSRP $129) in the web shops like Amazon, and in many others. You can even buy these products from the website itself.

This convenient solution is really easy to use and also very much easy to install that you can self assemble to connect to the existing fresh water connection to your home. The water flow inside the bidet can be controlled by changing the temperature and pressure and you can set the flow based on what you need.

This white colored rectangular shaped bidet attachment has a single flush with dual nozzle for warm and cold water options. Three different built in setting are available using which you can change and control high, medium and low control for high, middle and low. In spite of the weather condition variability, you can always have continuous warm water flow. You will not even need to use any electricity or battery and there will be power saving. The cleaning of nozzle which is very much necessary to maintain the hygiene of the system is also very convenient as the nozzle cleans itself automatically. Besides the nozzle is removable at any time and has built in splash guard to provide safe water flow.

There are also many other notable features of this product like the special quality stainless parts and the cold water by pass system built in to the bidet. The unified ABS valve ensures durability and also a well regulated water stream for the comfort during the usage time. The control knob has variable stepping so that you can easily control the flow and the body panel is double sided. The product equipments come in a complete package from where you have to unpack the different parts and assemble with your main line water connection to get it going. If you want to more about this unique product or are interested to get one for your home, you can send a query to Bidet4me at their website:

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