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BIDET4ME MB-1000 on 48 Hours Deals (Jan 15th and Jan 16th only)
Date : 2013-01-15 00:00:00

BIDET4ME _ PromotionBIDET4ME _ Newegg  

        One of the finest bidet products MB-1000 has been released through announcements made in promotional offer to customer around North America and other countries in the world.  Buyer can now buy the bidet from the official site of the company and other online market place such as,, and

Finding a good set of bidet at an affordable price has never been an easy task. The   promotion has enabled Bidet4me to unveil great deals for their customers across the globe. Customer can purchase these products from all online stores during this promotion period.

Many of the reviews talked of the MB-1000 outstanding features that make the product superb and admirable. Its price is fantastic and the services derived from the products are immense. Every testimony from consumers talked of a great product that cannot be compared to anything else in the market. With fresh water spray, water pressure control, non electric and single cleaning nozzle MB-1000 was said to blow the market.

There are other deals on prices for this product which is available for a limited period of time. The deals can be enjoyed by customer who will buy this product from 15th January to 16th January. During this period, customer will get a brand new bidet at a much lower price of about $34.99. One of the main benefit of the promotion is that customer don’t have to pay the shipping charge for the item because it’s freely shipped to all parts of the world.

In the promotion, the head of the company, BIDET4ME, Nick Chou was categorical that the product was developed based on a program of sales promotion in the market. In order to gain access to the market, the product is retailing at a special price but its quality is assured. He further insisted that the product has undergone several trials and tests and has been confirmed to be the most efficient product in the market.

This promotion is limited since BIDET4ME intends to sell just 200 pieces of MB-1000 during this promotion. Thereafter, customers will have to pay the normal price for this product.  The serial number for this product is 9SIA1EB0C16590.



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