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Editor Choose - The Best Electric Bidet (BIDET4ME E-200A)
Date : 2013-01-10 00:00:00

BIDET4ME _ Thumbs Up

              If you want to maintain personal hygiene in toilet with several user friendly features, it’s the BIDET4ME E-200A Electric Bidet, providing with adjustable seats, air dryer and lighting, seat sensor, posterior and feminine washing, seat temperature controller and water pressure controller. In addition, It has anti-bacterial material and a massage feature including a wide clean function, built in water tank. It also has front and rear warm water cleansing function. It has water dryer featuring low middle and high, massage strength control featuring low middle high with movable massage, pressure relief device. With one touch of a button, E-200A gives you a lot of features and it is engineered for luxury. Since it is also environment friendly, It can do no harm to your kids cause it has special kid’s function. In a word, it gives you a clean, hygienic and comfortable toilet system. Also you can get it in a reasonable price. The best website to buy this product is BIDET4ME.COM

1. Automatic wash feature (for woman and kids)
2. Seat sensor
3. Deodorized bamboo charcoal
4. Power saver intelligence
5. Automatic nozzle self cleaning
6. Automatic Pressure regulator
7. Silent slow down
8. Power off flushed
9. Installed thermostat
10. Adjusted warm breeze
11. Posterior & feminine washing system
12. Air dryer and lighting
13. Seat temperature controller
14. Water pressure controller
15. Movable massage system
16. Massage strength control system
17. Electronic seat sensor


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