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Bidets for Multiple Benefits
Date : 2013-01-05 00:00:00

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Bidet toilets are becoming very popular due to their several advantages. In addition to serving as the regular bathroom fixture, it can also save money on medical and health bills. The users can eliminate certain infectious diseases that pass through personal contact particularly when large numbers of people use the same toilet without maintaining proper hygiene. Here are some of the most common situations where using a bidet ensures protection and peace of mind.

Women and Sex:

Sexual intercourse without taking care of safe habits is the number one reason for sexual diseases both in men and women. Many people do not wash their private parts after sex that increases the chances for bacterial and fungal infections. Vaginal discharge is common in women but when it is ignored, it leads to fungal infections and urinary disorders. Regular washing before and after sex prevents such complications. Women during their pregnancy periods and afterwards need special anal and vaginal care; therefore washing the area with bidets is the most appropriate solution for them.

Elders and Disabled:

Physical incapacity during old age affects the day to day life of every individual. Common ailments at this stage include paralysis, arthritis, back pain and body ache which all necessitate the help of other family members to perform the basic needs. Bidets with advanced controls help those people to manage themselves in the toilet without the help from others. Inborn disability is just like old age where people may be incapable to perform their daily needs by self. Permanent disabilities include loss of hands both or single, loss of legs, loss of eyesight and loss of hearing. In one way or other, the use of bidet toilets may help them to ease their life daily.

Anal Diseases:

One of the most common anal diseases is hemorrhoids. The symptoms of this condition are pain and swelling in the anal area and therefore it may be difficult to touch the area with toilet paper after passing feces. The use of bidets not only helps washing without pain but also protects the patient from bacterial infections at this time. The hemorrhoids in critical conditions show rectal bleeding and therefore washing with water is the best possible solution for maintaining personal hygiene.


Diarrhea and dysentery are not complicated problems but are real unpleasant situations to any individual. Often children are the victims of this condition since it is mostly caused by indigestion, bacterial and viral infections. This urges frequent visit to toilets and the number of visits depend on the seriousness of the condition. It is better to use water for frequent cleaning of the anus because continuous rubbing of the area with paper is not recommended during this time. Bidets with their self driven water stream can clean the anus and help a speedy recovery.

Bidet toilets, once a luxury bathroom fixture is emerging as the widespread toilet everywhere. Many of the new homes built are fitted with a bidet toilet in addition to the conventional toilet to use it during the above emergencies.

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