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E-200A-The Best Toilet Seat 2013
Date : 2013-01-01 07:00:00

BIDET4ME _ Winter

BIDET4ME E-200A is a bidet that has been touted as the best compared to other toilet seats because of its enhanced features. The seat is warming, portable and capable of performing all massage functions. It can be used for both commercial and domestic purposes. Once you have them installed, they serve you well for a very long period of time.

The bidet is elongated with a tube that measures up to 60 inches. It comes in standard sizes of 8 inches by 17.91 x 10.15. The seat is heated with water therefore keeping the temperatures within the ranges that you want. It can be adjusted to suit you and is also sensed. It is capable doing the posterior and feminine washes. The other thing that makes the bidet user friendly is that it has a thermostat installed to it thus capable of regulating the temperatures. It does not consume a lot of energy therefore it does not make you worried in terms of power bills.

When working the bidet is advantageous because it is silent and does not make unnecessary noise like other devices. It is one of the devices that can switch itself off once it has been flushed. This is good since it saves the amount of energy it uses. Its lighting system is well designed and is very soft. A warm dryer should be used in ensuring that it is kept clean. The bidet releases a warm breeze which is very good during winter. The breeze can be adjusted.

People have who have used this product before have hailed its ability to perform massage which greatly improves the rate at which blood circulates in your body. The bidet has a very powerful nozzle that is self cleaning thereby saving the user time for cleaning it every now and then. The product is hygienic and conforms to health and safety regulations. It is important to note that if the product is purchased, it can be returned to BIDET4ME for replacement if it is established that it is defective. This should only be done if the product has not been installed. It cannot be returned after installation because of hygiene specifications. To abide to these rules you are therefore advised to take utter care when ferrying these items to avoid embarrassment incase return is prompted. In any case, do not temper with the labels as this could make things more difficult for you when placing refund claims.


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