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Keep Anal Diseases Away - Use Bidets (BIDET4ME)
Date : 2012-12-30 00:00:00

                                                                              BIDET4ME _ Anal Diseases

Keep Anal Diseases Away-Use Bidets

Anal diseases are common both in men and women. There are many reasons for this but parts of the complications are solely due to unhygienic toilet habits and ignorance. Unsafe anal sex, bacterial, fungal and viral infections also cause anal problems. The spread of anal disease is mostly through contact, the use of toilet paper speed up the process. There are no short cuts to stop bacterial or viral infections but people can certainly take precautions to reduce them. Bidets in toilets help to keep away anal infections by providing a clean risk free toilet habit.

Various types of perianal diseases are seen among people especially middle aged. The symptoms of these diseases are pain, itching, bleeding, lumps and difficulty in moving bowels. Itching of the anus is commonly caused due to scratching, rubbing, use of chemicals and bacterial infections. Sometimes there may be pain while passing stool which has many reasons including constipation, tumors and rectal infections.
Another condition is the anal fissures which are small tears in the lining of the anal canal. This is a painful condition leading to anal bleeding and commonly affects middle aged people. While constipation is the primary reason for this condition, it goes off by itself after few days. In a few complicated cases it can lead to anal ulcers which require prompt medical attention.

Sometimes pus may be collected around the bottom of the anus leading to abscesses. The pus may burst which may be associated with fever and chills.
Hemorrhoids are another anal disease, the symptoms of which include pain, swelling, redness and sometimes rectal bleeding. There are internal and external hemorrhoids, most of them are not complicated unless there is no bleeding. Though there is no real scientific reason cited for this condition, constipation is suspected as the prime reason and therefore treatment is directed to the intake of water and fiber rich foods.
Skin tags and warts around the anus may cause lumps leading to pain and bleeding. It may be an indication of the underlying condition like anal fissure or inflammation of the anus. Viral infection due to unsafe anal sex is another reason for this condition.

Anal Diseases and Bidets:

Most of the above situations prevent touching of the anal area by hand as it may further aggravate the pain and complications. The use of toilet paper under these circumstances is not recommended because it results in spreading of the infections. Bidet toilets with advanced features are highly helpful to the patients because they provide hands free cleaning of the anal area. The bidets provide a continuous stream of hot and cold water on pressing relevant buttons on the control panel. The self drying feature helps to wipe the area without touching by hand. Above all it aids in the recovery without giving too much pain to the patient.


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