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Choose Electric Bidets in Winter as the Best Holiday Gift for Seniors
Date : 2012-12-27 00:00:00

BIDET4ME _ Holiday        Winter is a difficult period for seniors and children. Apart from affecting some possible winter ailments, they may find it difficult to use cold water in the toilet when the outside temperature falls below 20 degrees centigrade or even lower. Sometimes it may be easy to get hot water in toilet but electric bidets with advanced controls are better for seniors for several reasons. Bidets are toilet seats placed and fixed on the rim of a regular toilet which can provide a stream of water to wash and dry the anal area. Bidets with electronic functions provide heated seats, warm water, air dry and many other advanced functions which the elders find very useful and convenient during cold season.

In cold months, the temperature of the seat can be set to different levels as desired by the user. Similarly, water temperature and water pressure can also be regulated. The electric bidets have a separate control panel with buttons and knobs for enabling various functions. The functions are activated only when someone is seated on the bidet. Two nozzles provide both anterior and posterior cleaning and therefore desired by women and handicapped persons who do not want to turn on either side. No toilet paper or towel is needed since the drying function when activated pass warm air for drying.

Some seniors may experience difficulty using a conventional toilet shower hose because of their handicap or due to any other physical problems. Others may be wheelchair-bounded and require assistance from family members for toilet use. Electronic bidets are the best solutions for these groups of people because it help them self reliant when using toilet.

The other important benefit of using a bidet is the total toilet hygiene. The elimination of toilet paper creates better germ free environment in the toilet room. Water cleans the anal area better than toilet paper without fear of personal contact.

Bidets can be installed easily by replacing the old toilet seat which normally does not require advanced plumbing knowledge. Most advanced bidets come with instruction materials for connecting the water adapters’ connectors and tubes. The winter season is the best time to purchase bidets as the price is very much reduced during Holiday and New Year period.


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