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Time to Give Your Parent a Healthy Gift in This Christmas
Date : 2012-12-21 00:00:00

Christmas Tree _ BIDET4ME      Christmas is knocking at our door and all of us are busy with thinking about the gift for near and dear ones.  Bidet with automatic control and warm water spray technology can be your gift for your parents or older one. It can also help them to be healthy and clean for all time. Seniors who suffer from incontinence, mobility, or arthritis problems now have a great solution for getting rid of their bathroom problem. Both the posterior and feminine wash operates at the push of single button, providing him/her with good control over cleanliness.

Studies show that more than 12 million people in the USA experience loss of their bladder control, known as urinary incontinence. But it is very common in middle age and older people. Studies also find that 10 in 100 people who are 65+ experience this problem, the rate is really high. Symptoms can be ranged from uncontrollable wetting to mild leaking. Incontinence is embarrassing and uncomfortable. The bidet can help to relieve those feelings.

The E-200A Electric Bidet sprays water with one nozzle and easily attaches to any toilet and don’t require any special tools for that. With the warm spray technology that permit user for get rid of from use of toilet paper. When you push button for spray, the nozzle extends from the center of the bowl. It sprays the water to your rectal area and supply clean and fresh water for a better result and refreshing experience. Anyone can also manually configure the setup and operate by using the manual control on the bidet. One of the important advantage of this bidet is anyone can install that in 10-15 minutes. For installing you just need a standard screwdriver, nothing else.

Conveniently, all connectors, hoses, and other essential accessories are included in the pack, and all parts of this bidet are designed to provide a leak-proof plus easy installation for you. In addition, like all bidets of BIDET4ME, the E-200A is tested for defects and also has warranty. Early 2012, this product was available in just North America but now you can buy that from almost all developed country.

Considering the performance and advantages of this bidet anyone can use that as a gift. The most incredible matter is that you don’t have to cut your pocket for this product. BIDET4ME is selling this product just at .  Time to grab your perfect gift for the family member you care.



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