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Electronic E-200A Bidet-The Best Christmas Gift
Date : 2012-12-18 10:13:59

Santa _ BIDET4ME

Many people may be thinking about what to give as gift during this Christmas. The exchange of gift is a long tradition and one should complement the best as mark of love and affection. If you are thinking about a Christmas gift that is useful for the whole family, consider choosing the electronic bidet E-200A from BIDET4ME.COM. This is highly recommended for seniors and children since it can be used during this winter for toilet washing with warm water. Here are the most important features of this electronic bidet.

            The E-200A Bidet is an elongated toilet seat made of anti-bacterial material. It is equipped with numerous user friendly features for the total comfort of the user. There are two separate nozzles with auto, female and kid wash features. The knobs on the control panel can be activated to control water temperature, water pressure and speed of the water stream. After washing, the anal area can be dried by activating the warm air dry feature which is adjustable to three settings. The heated seat can be best used in winter. The bidet is bamboo charcoal deodorized and so a pleasant smell is left after the use of toilet. The nozzles are self cleaning and the bidet is equipped. It comes with bidet seat, water adaptors, tubes, nuts and user manual. The E-200A Bidet is available with all leading online sellers like Amazon, Ebay, Newegg and Yelp.

How Bidets Help the Family?

The bidet usage means a clean and safe toilet habit for all. The toilet paper can cause spread of micro organisms present in the toilet room and bath room fixturers.Bidets provide a hands free washing option and therefore there is minimum contact with other users by hand. It is an ideal gift for those suffering from hemorrhoids, anal fissures and other anal diseases. Seniors and disabled peoples can use toilet without assistance from other peoples.


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