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Use Temperature Controlled Bidet Attachments During Winter
Date : 2012-12-13 00:00:00

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         Using cold water during winter for our basic needs like drinking, bathing, toilet and cleaning is not appropriate for all particularly old aged and children. Hot water can be made available in the bathrooms and kitchen but providing hot water in the toilet needs extra fittings separately. To solve this, bidet attachments capable of spraying both hot water and cold water are a convenient option regardless of the climate. The cost of a bidet attachment is less than the price of a full bidet seat and therefore affordable to all. Besides, it is the best solution to maintain a clean and hygienic toilet in homes.

How a Typical Bidet Spray Works?

Most bidet attachments measure around 17 inches in length with either a single or dual nozzle. It can be attached to an existing toilet without the help of a technician or plumber. The unit comes with different connectors to connect with cold water and hot water outlets in the toilet room. The temperature can be controlled to low, medium and high as per the requirement of the user. With variable stepping knobs water pressure can also be controlled. The dual nozzle bidet attachments are highly useful for women because of the two way washing feature. No need of electric power to run the water through the bidet attachment. It can be attached to an existing toilet on its rim securely.

Easy Installation:

The bidet attachment comes with the main body, spray nozzles, adaptors, tubes and nuts. The first step is to remove the existing toilet seat and clean the area properly. The water in the toilet tank is then drained and the pipe connecting the tank is removed. The bidet spray unit is then fixed to the rim of the toilet and the hot water and cold water adaptors are connected. The instruction manual coming along with the products can help the user to fix the product easily.

How It Helps the Seniors and Children?

Children and old aged are those groups who need assistance for their basic needs like bathing and toilet use. During winter the water is cold especially in the morning and therefore they need hot water. The bidet type toilets provide hot water for anal washing. Another use of bidets is during pregnancy and post anal or vaginal operations. At this stage cold water is not suitable as it may even cause spread of infections. The unit does not require any form of power and so no additional cost is needed as electricity charges.    

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