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Gift Your Family the MB-2000 Easy Bidet and Stay Clean
Date : 2012-12-09 10:00:00


        With only two weeks left for the Merry Christmas, people are thinking about what to gift this year. Think about MB-2000 easy bidet from, an ideal bidet attachment useful for the entire family to ensure a clean and hygienic toilet. With this simple product, any elongated toilet can function as bidet toilet without electric power or battery to work. The promotional price of this bidet attachment has been slashed to about 60% of the original market price at for the period from Dec 9 to Dec 15 as a special Christmas offer.

The details of MB-2000 Easy Bidet:

This easy bidet measures approximately 17 inches in length with a double sided body panel. The dual nozzles supply both cold water and hot water; the temperature and pressure of the water can be regulated as per the user requirements. It can be connected directly to the fresh water line as described in the product manual thereby avoiding the help of a technician. The splash-guarded nozzles are self cleaning and removable.

            The MB-2000 bidet attachment consists of an elongated main body, male and female nozzles, adaptors, flexible hoses, tubes and nuts. Before the start of the installation the existing toilet seat needs to be removed for attaching the easy bidet on the rim of the bowl. Connections to the cold water and hot water lines are made with the help of adaptors and T connectors. After connecting the pipes and tubes, the toilet seat is reattached and the unit now functions as a bidet toilet.

Why do People Prefer Bidets?

There are certain advantages when bidets are used in place of toilet paper. The paper creates lots of waste to the soil besides causing flourishing of bacteria and germs. It does not ensure a thorough cleaning of the anal area while bidets shoot a stream of water that reaches every folds and wrinkles. A bidet with warm water spray is useful in winter especially to seniors and children.

        Medical conditions like hemorrhoids and anal fissures discourage the use of toilet paper since it can cause pain and discomfort to the patient. Women during their pregnancy periods also prefer bidets for better hygiene and convenience.

The Bidet4me MB-2000 Easy Bidet is marketed by They market both residential and commercial bidets to US and other international locations. The promotional discount  of this product with free shipping within US is up to 60% OFF at, the reputed online store selling quality consumer products. This special Christmas offer is valid from Dec 9 to Dec 15 only.



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