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How Bidet Toilets help Women?
Date : 2012-12-08 00:00:00

Happy Woman (BIDET4ME)      Women, because of their special nature need more anal and genital care than men. Toilet hygiene is therefore utmost important to them for maintaining a disease free life to the whole family. Bidet toilets are therefore used in many countries as an alternative to toilet paper for cleansing the genital area. Nowadays the electronic bidets come with many advanced features so that cleaning is done automatically and efficiently.

     Basically bidets are toilet seats attached to the elongated bowl and connected to the water lines of the existing toilet. Electronic bidets have controls to spray both hot water and cold water through the nozzles. The temperature and pressure of the water can be controlled by turning the knob on the control panel. After washing, the warm air dry feature passes mild hot air to dry the buttock, thus totally eliminating the need of toilet paper.

Bidets and Feminine Hygiene:

The menstrual periods are most important days for any women. Perfect cleaning with mild hot water is important and temperature controlled electronic bidets help them a lot at this time. Such bidets have anterior and posterior cleaning nozzles so that both sides can be washed effectively without turning the body. Similarly they can wash their genital areas after sex when a full shower is not possible for any reason.


            Women in their pregnancy stage may find it difficult to sit properly. In this stage using a bidet type toilet is more practical and a safe way than using any other traditional toilet type. It also helps during post pregnancy periods, after anal or vaginal surgeries and during conditions like hemorrhoids or suffering from any other anal problems.

            It is a medical fact that urinary infections affect most commonly in women than men. The pathogens like bacteria, yeast and other micro-organisms find their ways through vaginal fluids causing urinary tract infections. Along with proper medication, regular cleaning with mild hot water is recommended and the same can be done effectively using an advanced electronic bidet.

               Bidets have their own advantages during winter. The hot water feature can be activated when the outside temperature falls below the bearable limit. For senior women suffering from various incapacities bidets help to use the toilet without any help from other family members. Cleaning the toilet is very easy when these types of toilet seats are used in homes. In this way the bidets are useful to women of all ages from childhood to old age.

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