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Bidets - The Deserving Christmas Gift for Seniors
Date : 2012-12-04 00:00:00

Bidets - The Deserving Christmas Gift for Seniors     

In North America extreme cold weather is experienced during the Christmas holidays. The time is not good for seniors and old aged since they cannot go outside as often as others do because of the climate change. They depend on room heaters, blankets, and swetters and use warm water for bathing and toilet purpose. In winter it is most common that seniors develop conditions like arthritis, body pain, backpain and other physical disabilities that require the help of other family members for running their normal life smoothly. For all people toilet use is a privacy option and any external assistance is sought only during extreme medical emergencies. Fortunately electronic bidets can help seniors to use toilet by self without assistance from others.

Bidet Toilets-How They Help Seniors?

The electronic bidets have been designed to automate the toilet usage. There is no need of a manual water spray and washing after the use. The bidets are added to the existing toilet bowls which have nozzles to spray water. The seat is heated, water temperature can be pre-set to desired levels, and its pressure can be regulated. All these functions are activated on pressing the relevant buttons on the control panel. After washing, the drying feature helps to dry the area with warm air. Some advanced bidets come with anterior and posterior washing nozzles, deodorization features, power saving options and lighting. Thus, for the seniors it offers total comfort and therefore they deserve this gift during winter.

Other Benefits of Using Bidets:

Increasing the use of bidet toilets can reduce the consumption of toilet paper which is an environmental waste and soil pollutant. Toilet paper causes spread of micro-organisms by contact since it cannot clean the anal area as water does. The usage of water in a bidet toilet is minimum with various controlling options while a direct tap water pours more water when it is opened. Advanced bidets have power saving option which when activated saves power during the time it is kept idle. The body and parts of bidets are long lasting components and made of anti-bacterial material.

Women in their menstrual periods can use bidets having anterior and posterior washing features. They are useful during confinement and post pregnancy stages also. Those suffering from anal diseases like hemorrhoids feel better when cleaned with water instead of paper. Practice of using bidets ensures safe and clean toilet habit for the entire family. More details


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