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2012 Thanksgiving Super Black Friday Sales at
Date : 2012-11-24 00:00:00

Newegg Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal

If you are looking for quality bidets but concerned with their high price, then this opportunity is for you. The famous bidet suppliers, is offering all their three bidet models, MB-1000, MB-2000 and the E-200A at very low prices (Up to 65% of the original market price) during this one day deal on November 23 12:00 am to Nov 25 11:59pm (2012 Thanksgiving Super Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales) at this opportunity and enjoy the benefits of top class bidet models in this holiday season.

More about the Deal: has been marketing quality bidets and attachments for the last few years all over the world. Their simplest bidet model is the MB-1000 Easy Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment that can be fixed to any existing elongated toilet bowl. This has fresh water single nozzle and the water pressure can be set to high, low and medium levels. This model does not need electric power to function.

            With more advanced features, the MB-2000 Easy Bidet Attachment is a cost effective solution to expensive high end bidet models. The main feature of this model is that it can supply both hot and cold water. The need for warm water is inevitable during winter in bathrooms and toilets. Seniors and children find it most preferable during cold weather. The pressure and temperature of the water can be set to desired levels. The splash-guarded removable male and female nozzles are self cleaning types. This model also does not require electricity or battery to run. No need of plumbing knowledge to attach this model with the existing toilet.

            The Electronic E-200A Bidet seat with dryer and deodorizer is an advanced model having many user friendly features. The seat is heated, the temperature of which can be controlled by the user. Bidets with heated seats are highly accepted in cold season. The bidet is made of anti-bacterial material and all the functions are available on the control panel. On pressing the Drying button warm air is passed which can be set to three desired levels. For kids there is a separate kid’s wash button on the panel. After washing, the carbon charcoal deodorants provide pleasant smell inside the toilet. The anterior and posterior washing features are best suited for women. There is a save electricity button to save power when the bidet is not used for long time.

Bidets and Toilet Hygiene:

Bidets are not luxury toilet accessories but a handy toilet fixture to achieve maximum hygiene. Often the toilets are neglected part of areas where cleaning has least priority and therefore a breeding ground for germs and micro-organisms. The use of toilet paper increases the chances for contamination besides causing environmental degradation. Another great benefit of using bidet is during certain medical conditions like hemorrhoids or other anal related diseases. Disabled peoples, seniors, pregnant women and children are other groups who get multiple benefits from the use of bidets.

The MB-1000 easy bidet, MB-2000 white easy bidet and the advanced E-200A Electronic bidet are marketed by well known toilet accessories are now available at with the least price tags for this one day deal on November 23 2012.



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