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Black November Weekend Sales - Quality Toilet Seat Attachment
Date : 2012-11-09 00:00:00


    Convert your existing toilet into a simple bidet toilet by attaching a single nozzle sprayer from This bidet seat attachment measures 17 inches in length with adjustable pressure control knobs. This is the most economical option to maintain hygiene in toilet and toilet paper is no longer needed after toilet use.

The working of Bidet4me MB-1000 Fresh Water Single Nozzle:

This simplest toilet attachment does not need electricity or battery to work. It gives a continuous supply of fresh water through its adjustable single nozzle. The water pressure can be adjusted to High, Low and Medium by turning the pressure control knobs. No plumbing skills required for installation of this sprayer. Place and secure it on the toilet rim after removing the old toilet seat. The box comes with the main body having sliding nozzle, cold water adaptor and tubes.

Lowest Price!

This quality toilet accessory from is available for $31.99 with Free Shipping within US at as a special offer from Nov 9th to Nov 12nd 2012 (Black November Weekend Sale). It can be added to both elongated and round shaped toilets easily. The splash guarded nozzle can be removed and cleaned as and when needed. A quick installation guide coming with the product helps to attach this sprayer without troubles.

Go Green, Maintain Personal Hygiene:

If more and more people use bidet toilets, the use of toilet paper can be avoided. Toilet paper is an environmental waste and eliminating the same leads to a clean, hygienic world. The amount of water used by bidet toilet is comparatively low when compared to a regular toilet tap where extra water is always used and wasted. In some medical conditions like hemorrhoids, pregnancy and dysentery, the use of toilet paper is not recommended and therefore they can switch to bidet toilets. Similarly seniors, disabled and children also find it useful because external assistance is not needed for them in the toilet.

The Bidet4me MB-1000 Fresh Water Single Nozzle is marketed by bidet4me. They have been marketing bidet seats and toilet accessories all over the world. Now it is available for a very low price of $31.99 with free shipping within USA at, the famous online store selling quality consumer products.

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