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Use Bidets with Heated Seats in Winter
Date : 2012-11-05 00:00:00


People suffering from hemorrhoids and other anal diseases may find it difficult to use a regular toilet during winter. Those who underwent surgical procedures in the anus and women during their post delivery periods may also feel difficult to use cold water in the toilet in winter. Fortunately many of such people are using advanced bidet toilets with heated seat feature so that they do not feel cold inside the toilet room. These toilet seats have controls to regulate the temperature of the seat and they also provide warm stream of water for washing. These are highly helpful to other healthy seniors and children during the cold season.

More about Bidets:

The bidets were first used in France where it was only a bowl at that time. Later the Japanese modified the bidet and it was placed over the existing toilet as a comfortable seat. It has the ability to shoot a jet of water through its nozzles. Today there are electronic bidet toilets with various controls to change the temperature, pressure and speed of the water sprayed. Some bidets come with other advanced features like power saving option, deodorization, posterior and anterior washing and lighting function. The use of electric and non electric bidets are now common in many European and Asian countries.

The Benefits of Using Bidets:

In North America toilet paper is used to clean after toilet usage. The bidets can eliminate this practice and ensure a cleaner toilet practice. The toilet paper is an environmental waste and it can cause spread of diseases very fast. Cleaning with hot water during winter is preferred by old aged, pregnant women and children. Certain medical conditions also require the use of water instead of paper. Examples are hemorrhoids, anal fissures and surgical procedures done on anal areas.


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