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Bidet Toilets-Better for Women
Date : 2012-10-30 21:45:59


        There are significant differences between men and women on the topic of health and hygiene. Men usually do not take too much care on hygiene because either they ignore it or they don’t have enough time to pay attention. Women on the other hand need special care about their health particularly anal and vaginal care and related habits. The menstrual cycle, consignment, delivery and sex in women urge for extreme care and if ignored it can lead to infections and urinary disorders easily. One way to maintain vaginal health is frequent washing of the area with warm water. Unfortunately in some countries, the use of toilet paper is prevalent instead of bidet type toilets which help more to clean the sensitive parts.

Why Women Need Special Attention?

Women are susceptible to many urinary infections at all ages. These include yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis, cystitis and Urethritis. The symptoms of yeast infections vary from itching, white discharge, redness and pain during intercourse. Cystitis is the inflammation of the bladder characterized by burning sensation and frequent urge to urinate. The inflammation of the urethra is called urethritis which is mostly caused by bacterial infection. Certainly, for all these complications appropriate medical help is needed first. Secondly the patients can use advanced bidet toilets which automatically pass a stream of fresh warm water to help the healing process.

How Bidets Act in the Toilet Room?

Bidets are fixtures on regular toilet that have various controls to regulate water movement, its temperature and pressure. In addition, certain electronic bidets have drying and deodorization capabilities so that there is no need of wiping the anal and vaginal area with a paper or cloth. The posterior washing option can be used to wash the anus and the anterior option to clean the vagina. The installation of a bidet does not need any plumbing knowledge or other technical expertise. The provided installation guide is sufficient in most cases; the user needs to connect the correct valves and pipes in the proper sequence. Since replacement of a used bidet is prohibited under regulatory standards, one should take extreme care or if needed, the assistance of a plumber may be sought.

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