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Practice Better Toilet Hygiene - Use Bidets
Date : 2012-10-18 23:01:15


The toilets are breeding grounds for bacteria and germs. The toilet seats, its surface, water taps, handles and the area surrounding a dirty toilet is filled with all types of pathogens. The public toilets are frequently used by many people and therefore spreading of microorganisms by touch is higher in such toilets. It is therefore essential to observe total hygiene when using toilets by flushing and washing before and after use. Unfortunately bidet toilets are not common everywhere and therefore the incidence of anal diseases are higher in such places. The bidet toilets use water to clean the genital area and it can totally eliminate the habit of using toilet paper.

Avoid Toilet Paper:

The toilet paper does not clean the anus after bowel movement. The anus has many wrinkles and the toilet papers my not clean the interior well. Sometimes rigorous wiping with paper leads to breakage of paper and it can result in spreading the dirt to others. Those with anal diseases are unable to wipe the area because of the pain and discomfort. It is estimated that majority of the anal diseases are caused by improper and unhygienic toilet habits.

Use Bidets Instead of Paper:

Bidets are toilet seats with attachments to spray water on the genital area. They are increasingly used in many part of the world and hence the incidences of anal diseases are low in countries like Japan where bidet is a common bathroom fixture in almost all homes. Modern bidets come with many user friendly features like temperature control, water pressure control, deodorizer, heated seats, dryer and remote controls. The nozzles can be adjusted to do both posterior and anterior washing. The bidet seats usually come with complete set consisting of seat, sprayer and nozzles which can be fixed to any existing toilet. A toilet with seat installed already can be converted into a bidet type by attaching the sprayer only on the top of the toilet.

            Bidets are helpful not only to the seniors and disabled peoples but also to women, children and youths alike. When they are used in every home there is little chance of spreading germs by contact. If you are concerned with toilet hygiene, consider thinking of bidet seats. Read more bidet details HERE.

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