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Use Bidets and Reduce Bacterial Infections
Date : 2012-10-13 00:14:50


Many people are not aware of the dangers a toilet can do on our health. This is more serious when we use the public toilets available in hotels, railways, airlines and such public places. The reason is that different germs and bacteria reside on these toilets and chances are that when public use these toilets the micro organisms can easily spread to other peoples by contact. Now let us see what kind of micro organisms are found on a toilet and how we can avoid or minimize the infections caused by these organisms.

            A common bacteria found on a toilet is Streptococcus. This bacteria cause’s skin infection especially in children. Another bacteria found in the human stool is Escherichia coli which can cause urinary infections and intestinal diseases. The Staphylococcus type found on the toilet seats can cause skin infections called impetigo and cellulites.


Are Toilet Papers Safe Against Bacteria?

The toilet papers are not hundred percent safe against bacterial infections from toilets. A thorough washing with mild hot water ensures a clean and safer toilet habit. The toilet paper does not absorb the human feces fully. When people come in contact with each other there are more chances of spreading the bacteria everywhere.


Bidets Ensure Safety:

It is seen that the number of peoples affected with toilet related diseases and anal infections are far less in countries like Japan where the use of bidet in every home is a common practice. The bidets spray a stream of water to the genital area which helps to clean the anus and surrounding areas fully. Modern bidets do a step ahead by controlling the water temperature, water pressure and many bidets come with dryer and deodorization features. They are helpful to patients suffering from hemorrhoids, anal surgeries and women during their pregnancy periods. The best news is that any existing toilet can be converted into a bidet by fixing the water sprayers separately available with leading bidet manufacturing companies. Read more about electric bidets, non electric bidet attachments with single and dual nozzles HERE

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