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Say Goodbye to Toilet Paper-Use Bidets
Date : 2012-10-09 23:51:38

Say No To Toilet Papers

Say Goodbye to Toilet Paper-Use Bidets


Toilet paper is used in many parts of the world to wipe the anal area after defecation. It is available as rolls wrapped around a card board core and stored adjacent to the toilet. Moist and perfumed toilet papers are also available for better cleansing. It is to be noted that the practice of using toilet paper is mainly in European countries and their use in Asian countries is limited to some high end hotels or other places where there is a concentration of foreign tourists. In places where toilet paper is not used, cleaning with water is the common practice in the toilet. Many depend on external faucets for water but bidet toilets are fast replaced by ordinary toilets.

Why Toilet Papers do Not Clean Properly?

The use of toilet paper is hassles free option but it does not fully remove the waste from the anus. The main reason is that it never cleans the entire area because wiping does not confirm to reach hidden spaces like folding and wrinkles of the anus. It cannot be used frequently on delicate skins since hard rubbing can cause irritation. Besides it is not advisable when suffering from anal diseases and urinary infections.

Research has shown that when unsanitary materials are used to manufacture low quality toilet papers, higher concentrations of bacteria and germs are seen on these papers. It is also an environmental waste which can contaminate water and soil.

Why Bidet is the Answer?

The working of advanced bidets is automatic or semi automatic. It washes the anal area with a stream of water, the pressure and temperature of which can be controlled by pressing the buttons on the control panel. No need of touching the area with paper or towel because in some electronic bidets dryer function helps to remove the water within minutes. For women an added feature is the anterior and posterior washing through the correct positioning of the nozzles.

Bidets may cost you a little than the regular toilet but with a suitable bidet attachment any toilet can be converted into a bidet type. These bidet attachments are non electric but water pressure and speed can be controlled by pressing the knobs at the end. Modern bidets have electronic controls to regulate power so that it can save a lot on energy bills when not in use. Water is the universal cleaning agent and it can ensure a healthy and safe toilet practice everywhere.


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