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Bidet Attachments-How They Help to Improve Toilet Hygiene?
Date : 2012-09-26 00:00:00

Bidet Attachments-How They Help to Improve Toilet Hygiene?

Bidets are very good plumbing fixtures for better toilet hygiene. A regular bidet seat is expensive and therefore many people do not want to replace the existing seat entirely from their toilet. To solve this, bidet attachments with nozzles can be added to the conventional toilets which serve as a full bidet seat toilet. Latest bidet attachments are designed for comfort, some of the features include easy to use buttons to control water temperature, water pressure and nozzle selection. The unit can be attached easily without the help of a plumber.

How to Attach Them?

Here are the basic steps to attach a typical bidet spray attachment with dual nozzle.

It takes only less than an hour to attach a bidet spray to an existing toilet. Before beginning; the incoming water to the toilet needs to shut off by turning the valve. Attach the T connector to the water supply valve and fix one end of the flexible hose to it. Then attach the other end to the body of the toilet. The second flexible hose came along with the bidet attachment needs to be fixed to the free end of the T connector. Remove the toilet cover and place the bidet sprayer on the top of the toilet. Replace the cover and tighten the sprayer with the screws provided. Attach the second flexible hose to the bidet spray and turn on the water valve to the toilet. The unit is now ready to use. Various controls on the panel help to make the required adjustments like temperature, pressure, deodorization functions of the bidet spray.

How They Function?

No electricity or power is required to operate the bidet attachment. The temperature and pressure of the incoming water can be set to high, low and middle by turning the knobs on the control panel. The nozzle selection knob helps to control different nozzles to suit both men and women for posterior and anterior washing.

The bidet toilet can eliminate the use of toilet paper. It gives a hands free option to operate the toilet and thus leading to safer habit.


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