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How to Select the Right Bidet for You?
Date : 2012-09-19 23:00:00


            The popularity of bidet toilet is increasing in every modern home. The present bidets come with advanced features and therefore it is important to compare them before making a decision to buy one. The price varies depending on the functions available in a bidet. Some are electric and others are non electric. It should match the bowl's size, color and also check if external help is required for installation.

            The price is the most important factor while selecting a bidet. Although non electric bidets are cheap, it may lack many of the advanced features like deodorizer, remote functions, power saver and dryer. Bidet attachments cost less than the full bidet seat but it can do more or less the same functions on a toilet.

            The electric bidet comes with dual nozzles for cleaning posterior and anterior, seated heats, water pressure and temperature controls, lighting, deodorization and massage functions. The power saving button on the control panel helps to save power when it is not used for a long time. It is also important to look the nozzle position and its stream because it should perfectly fir for the purpose. The horizontal spray bidets are more preferable over the vertical spray bidets.

            When you use a bidet with electronic controls, there is no need to move around; instead every action is achieved on pressing the concerned knobs on the control panel. This feature is more helpful to the disabled, seniors, hemmorhoid patients and children. It is better to use a bidet which is made of anti bacterial material to avoid spread of infections.

            The installation of a bidet is simple and takes only few minutes. There are some bidets which require additional plumbing and help of a qualified technician. Selecting a bidet that can be installed self saves money on plumbing costs and labor charges. There are round and elongated toilet bowls, the bidet purchased should match to the bowls installed.

            The bidet is not like any other consumer product. Almost all of the manufactures refuse to accept a used item because of the government regulations on toilet hygiene. Therefore it is most important to think about the usefulness before making a decision to purchase a bidet. Similarly there are many bidet brands that are manufactured with poor quality material leading to early breakage and malfunctions. Reputed bidets are manufactured with antibacterial materials for enhanced safety. Though manufactures provide limited warranty one should look for the longest warranty product so that the investment is always protected.

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