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BIDET4ME E-200- the electronic toilet seat for a hygienic toilet
Date : 2012-09-15 19:06:24

BIDET4ME is a unique company with their specialized and unique services provided for a high technology enabled toiletry system. They are committed to facilitate a hygienic environment in your toilet and also the utmost comfort you want to install in your home. There are a number of advance Bidet accessories intended for both home and commercial purposes and are available for purchase in their website at and also at a number of web based stores like AmazonOverstock, Newegg, eCrater, and at a premium price of 549.99 USD.

E-200A is product that includes an electronic bidet toilet seat with electronic Dryer and Deodorizer facilities.  This product comes in a 20.8'' x 17.91'' x 5.71'' size weighing about 10.15 Lbs. This fully featured product is designed and engineered for maximum luxury. Its unparallel cleaning system ensure the complete hygienic environment with its warm water cleansing option for both rear and front, the antibacterial cleaning agents and the wide clean function enabled massage feature.  You can even adjust the temperature and the pressure of the warm water to be used. The position of the aerated stream can also be customized as per your requirement. And after the washing is complete, there is also an option for air drying that be controlled with a touch button and can be set into three different settings. The bidet toilet seat is always heated and so you do not need to worry about cold toilet seat during winter. The extra ordinary design of this product ensures the topmost level of hygiene and comfort ensured in your washroom.

This advance bidet attachment has few other specialties too. You can use some built in settings like auto wash, female wash or kids wash as the washing procedure usually vary between them. Besides water massage for cleaning, it can be controlled by controlling the water pressure enabling you to get a comfortable and convenient massage cleaning. The sensor installed on the seat can identify the requirements of temperature and pressure control in the auto mode and act accordingly. The deodorizer used has bamboo charcoal option to ensure healthy deodorizing. Another well liked option is the silent slow down of water. The integrated system has thermostats and sensor and thus can actively work for efficient and power saving use of the device. There is also a built in water filter which maintains the fresh water flow all the time.  For any confusion and further help, you can have a look into their installation guide.

Bidet4me Electric Bidet E-200A


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