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How Bidets Can Help Hemorrhoid Patients?
Date : 2012-09-11 23:32:06


How Bidets Can Help Hemorrhoid Patients?

Hemorrhoid patients can use bidet type toilets with advanced features for an early recovery from the disease.

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A painful anal disease characterized by pain and swelling is commonly known as hemorrhoids. The anal canal contains vascular structures that help in the smooth passage of stool. These veins and connective tissues become swollen in the canal and produce itching, burning and can be painful when passing stool. In serious cases these tissues break and results in rectal bleeding. When the veins swollen inside the anal canal it can form internal hemorrhoids or they may swell outside the anal opening to form external hemorrhoids. Both conditions can be painful and must be treated immediately.

What Causes Hemorrhoids?

No specific reason can be cited as the real cause for this condition. It gets complicated in fewer cases and according to medical experts so many factors are responsible to this condition. Constipation usually exerts pressure on anal veins and this can cause swelling of the veins and tissues. Other causes include the absence of fibers in the food, irregular bowel habits, and anal strains during pregnancy and lack of body exercises.

Diagnosis-Treatment-Prevention of Hemorrhoids:

Most hemorrhoids are diagnosed by physical examination. The patient may feel itching, burning sensation in the anal area. The movement of bowels becomes difficult and blood may be present in the stool. Sometimes internal hemorrhoids may not be painful and so the person feel normal however the anal veins get irritated when there is an excess pressure on the walls.

Both conservatory treatments and surgical treatments are available to treat hemorrhoids. Some of the advanced procedures to treat this condition include Rubber band ligation, Sclerotherapy and surgery.

The Significance of Bidets during Hemorrhoids:

Bidets cannot cure this disease in any way but can help the patient to manage the anus in a better way. Often hand washing may be more painful to the patient and therefore a hands free option is the best alternative to wash the affected area. Bidets now come with advanced features like posterior and anterior washing, temperature and water pressure control, hair dryer, lighting and remote control. The anal area is kept clean with the use of water instead of toilet paper giving no chance to spread bacteria and germs. The patients feel more comfortable on a bidet seat than sitting on a regular toilet because the latter is more distressful to them. Hemorrhoid patients interested to know more about bidet features can read further at


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