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How Bidet Toilets Help You?
Date : 2012-09-04 23:38:03


Bidet toilets are helpful to senior citizens, disabled, pregnant women and children. A toilet can be converted into bidet types using necessary attachments.

Bidet4me MB-2000 Hot and Cold Water Dual Nozzle

The bidet toilets are increasingly used by many people all over the world. The price of a full bidet seat is high and therefore only preferred by those who can afford it. However an existing toilet can be converted into a bidet type by attaching the sprayer on it. It does not require the help of a plumber and no technical knowledge is needed to attach the washlet.

Bidet4me MB-2000 Hot and Cold Water Dual Nozzle:

This bidet seat attachment is provided with dual nozzle and ideal for both men and women. No need of electricity and it can be easily attached to an existing toilet. There are separate knobs for controlling temperature and water pressure. The highly durable ABS valve regulates better water flow. Replaceable nozzle ensures clean and safe toilet habits for all. For installation the help of a plumber is not needed because all the steps for installation are provided in the customer's manual. No additional plumbing work is needed for installation.

How to Install the Bidet4me MB-2000 Hot and Cold Water Dual Nozzle?

The unit comes with the main body having temperature and water pressure control knobs, adaptors, tubes and nuts. Before installing the attachment, the existing toilet needs to be removed. The toilet tank is then drained completely and the pipe connecting the tank is removed. The bidet spray unit is attached to the rim of the toilet and the hot water and cold water adaptors are connected. Then connect the T adaptors to the tank and also with each hose for hot water and cold water supply.

The Advantages of Bidet Toilets:

The bidet toilets are highly helpful to the old aged, pregnant women, those with disabilities, peoples with anal and vaginal difficulties and small children. It saves lots of toilet paper which otherwise would have been a waste causing environmental pollution and infectious diseases. The non electric bidets do not need electricity and therefore affordable and energy saving. The use of bidet ensures safe and clean toilet habits which finally build a clean environment for all. Read more information about bidet seats and other toilet accessories at

Bidet4me Hot/Cold Water "Dual Nozzle"
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