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Bidets for Toilet Hygiene
Date : 2012-08-28 23:42:10

The bidets or toilet seats help to avoid toilet paper and give more convenient and clean washing alternative.

Each year more than 40 billion rolls of toilet paper are used in America. Manufacturing this rolls require millions of pulp, high electricity, water, additional materials and labor. Large amount of toilet papers cause a higher load to the sewer systems and treatment units. The bidets or toilet seats help to avoid toilet paper and give more convenient and clean washing alternative.

Bidets now come with advanced features like adjustable seats, posterior and frontal washing, lighting, air dryer and remote control. Many people believe that electric bidets consume more electricity and water. The fact is that good bidet models come with energy saving features and they consume only the required amount of water to wash. They are supposed to reduce bacterial infections and alleviate conditions like constipation and hemorrhoids. The bidets are suitable for seniors, disabled, pregnant women and children.

The Features of Bidet4me E-200A Electric Bidet:

This electric bidet comes with cool features and measures 20.8 inches in length and has a width of 17.91 inches. There is a mini control panel on the right side with buttons for various functions. The water temperature and seat temperature can be set to the required levels by pressing the concerned buttons on the panel. Water can be sprayed through separate nozzles for posterior and anterior washing. The drying button is used to pass warm air after washing which totally eliminates the use of paper. The bamboo charcoal based deodorization provides pleasant smell with highest sterilization. The lighting device provides gentle light during night. The power saving button is used to save power when the bidet is not in use. The Bidet4me E-200A Electric Bidet is sold by and available at leading online sellers like Overstock, Newegg, Amazon, and They have been selling quality toilet accessories enjoying good international reputation.



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