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The Importance of Using a Good Bidet
Date : 2012-08-06 11:30:11

There are certain diseases and infections which can be controlled by using bidets. These infections such as those affecting the bladder make one feel much stressed and out of place. Otherwise referred to as cystitis or urinary duct infection (UTI), this infection affects both sexes if good hygienic measures are not observed in their private parts. A bacterium which lives in the human stool known as e-coli if left to remain in the skin and one engages in sex, the bacterium is driven down the urinary tube spreading into the kidneys and hence causing pain in the affected areas. This pain is quite severe and causes a lot of discomfort.

To prevent this infection there is great need of turning your attention on the use of bidets to substitute the normally used toilet papers. Toilet paper does not guarantee the removal of all the feces from your posterior making it possible for the bacteria to blossom. Some toilet papers are known to cause breakages in the anus this helps the fecal particles to penetrate in the body and can eventually spread to your hands and finally to the fingers. Taking the initiative to clean your yourself using a bidet is in fact the preferable way to be sure of a complete or thorough removal of feces in this area. Bidets have warm water which is spread strongly through a nozzle and this effectively disposes off all dirt and any infectious bacteria that attach themselves to the hairs around the anus.

Taking a bath before and after sex is also tantamount to ensure good hygiene especially in your private parts. When you use the bidet, it helps to clean these areas without having to take a full shower. Counting on personal hygiene alone is not enough to keep you off infections. Bidets have taken centre stage in substituting toilet papers which has made them popular. Using bidets can help reduce cases of hemorrhoids and others like cramps or cases of chronic rectum surgeries. Hygiene is mandatory for everyone to observe to control rectum surgeries. There are a number of these types of bidets in the market. Modern ones have features which include heated seats, adjustable water temperature and pressure, dryers that are built in the bidet to name a few. The physically handicapped; disables and women during menstrual period have embraced the idea of using bidets. Itching or burning sensation and growth of these bacteria can be alleviated by using bidets. There are a variety of bidet available in the market but all are not good and can satisfy you. If you are looking for the best then you should chose the MB-1000, MB-2000 and E-200A. All of them are available at most popular online market place including,, and a lot. Let's purchase for the best product and keep yourself safe and clean.

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