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Date : 2012-07-29 11:52:16

        Well known company announces their expansion by making a partnership with several renowned online market places to sell their products all over North America. has been selling their products; E-200A, MB-1000, and MB-2000 for some time and have received good response from their customers. Besides the partnership, customers can buy their bidets via their websites and phones; recently they decided to change the game plan and expanded the market; that’s why they made a deal with,,,,, eBay, yelp, Google, and eCRATER.

The goal of is to provide high quality toilet seat all over North America and they are one of the leading companies in this industry. has its offices in California serving regional customers throughout the city.

The company is strategically positioned on regions; providing good services with quality products. With a dedicated online marketing team, can be able to further expand its current position and establish new business activities. The company is able to pursue new marketing sectors and offer a wide range of professional services to existing and future clients. After making an agreement with several online marketers, who have proven track records in providing good services to North Americans, they are expanding their businesses. Now customers can choose their bidets from their partners’ websites. Head of the Nick Chou says, “we are expanding our business all over North America, so we are here to serve our customers and make the purchasing process easy for our present and new customers.”

If customers make an order to any market place, then the product will be delivered to them without delay. Customers can place their orders on any day of the week but shipping is done on Monday and Friday (excluding national holidays) to any address in the US. Shipment can be done via USPS/UPS/Fedex within 48 hours when the order is received. All products reach the intended clients within 5-7 working days. But, delivery via P.O boxes is not possible within this time.

All online partners of made an agreement that authority could do marketing, advertizing and selling their products to their registered clients. On the other hand, they can also demand a fixed charge from the company. Like other renowned companies, is on online for its customers to do some business and they believe, they can get good response from the online clients in the near future.


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