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History of Bidet -The Toilet Seat
Date : 2012-06-20 11:46:40

A bidet toilet seat is an accessory that is attached to the toilet. The bidet looks quite like the toilet but is mounted low. The purpose of a bidet is mainly to wash the anal area and genitalia. The history of bidet goes back to the seventeenth century and is said to have been invented by a French furniture maker, by the name of Bide who was a specialist carpenter of the royal family. However, there is a controversy as far as the naming of the inventor of bidet toilet seat is concerned .A similar story says that a man by the name of Bougardeux was also thought to be its inventor. The first information to be found on record concerning the bidet was in 1710.

Bidet has gone through several stages of evolutions along with the evolution of the plumbing industry. The improvement of the plumbing sector saw the transfer of the bidet to the bathroom from the bedroom in 1900. The electronic bidet was introduced in 1960; it was a perfect fit for a small bathroom that did not have enough space for a separate toilet. Even though the bidet appears to be similar in appearance to the toilet, it can be rightly compared to a wash basin or a bathtub. Various types of materials are used to build bidets of different styles. There are different varieties of bidets like bidet of china, stainless steel, plastics, or any other material commonly used for making household fixtures. You can also have different functionalities built in a bidet like warm water pouring into the basin which can either be plugged or unplugged; there are bidets that send an arc of water that is sprayed in such a way that it is easy to reach the area to be washed. In a bidet the water released is maintained under high pressure in order to carry out a good cleaning.

The Bidet has helped many countries to build paperless toilet with the help of nozzles attached to the toilet along with a drier. With the current trend of preserving the environment, a bidet toilet seat takes care of that. It is environmentally friendly as after visiting the toilet, there is no need to use tissue paper. Bidets help maintain better hygiene thus hospitals gladly opt for these fixtures. So as to accommodate the older person, bidets are fixed to toilet seats that are raised or elevated. The bidet seat also comes with attachments such as remote control of the jets and a dryer. Other features of a bidet include control of temperature, water pressure and spray. In Japan and Korea more than 60 percent of homes own these combination bidets and toilet. These are more often found in hotels and in public conveniences. The combination bidet and toilet as well as the bidet unit that can be placed in the toilet seat are sold all over the United States, Japan, and Turkey. Bidets are more common in South America, Europe, Asia, and Egypt, although there are some in North America. Surprisingly enough France is where the bidet originated but not all houses in France use it.


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