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Bidet4me Bidet Set Up Points For Homeowners
Date : 2012-06-25 10:09:51

If you choose to have a bidet spray installed in your home, then that is a wise decision. Bidets are becoming an essential part of household with regard to their contributions to proper personal hygiene and even in medicine. Aside from being able to clean your private parts thoroughly with water, they also bring relief to bowel conditions. They could alleviate itching, pain, and burning sensations, stopping bacteria from growing.

Now, the main problem is, exactly what is the most efficient bidet model to make use of? As a result of innovation, there are tons of bidets available on the market, each featuring its own good and bad points. Often, even the most technologically innovative unit may be a lot for you. Often, having tons of characteristics need maintenance that will drain a great deal from your wallet. Take time to dig deeper and find out what kind of bidet toilet fixture will complement your way of life. For starters, a bidet spray is known as a practical option among homeowners.

There are actually dozens of bidet models on the market, and what you must consider should be affordable. Bidet4me Non-Electric bidet spray cost 100 dollars below (MB-1000 $49.99 and MB-2000 $79.99), Electric bidet spray E-200A $499.99 . You can just install a bidet spray by yourself. Concurrently, sprays are bidet since they can just be connected to your toilet seat. They do not need any other space in your toilet.

Moreover, sprays do not operate on a separate energy source. Units just like the electric bidet do so, needing you to spend additional on electricity. Aside from this, many may benefit from bidets – both old and young. Bidets are sometimes very easy to operate. Look for bidet spray models that include adjustable knobs for pressure for you to be in full control at all times. The nozzle is also a consideration for some. Some kinds of bidet sprays have double nozzles that will help reach both your anal and genital areas. Another choice is a unit with an adjustable nozzle. In either case, all of them support dual-hygienic cleaning.

Some forget that a bidet shouldn’t only be easy to install. It should also be easy to remove when needed.  A number of bidet units, when installed, are permanent and are not easily or practically removed. Then again, most bidet sprays are easy to set up and can be taken away when needed. This feature will allow you to transfer the bidet to another toilet if you want. And finally, Bidet4me provides a 3 months warranty and a guarantee in case something goes wrong while using the unit.

Bidet4me MB-1000
Bidet4me Fresh Water "Single Nozzle"
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Bidet4me E-200A
Electronic Bidet Seat with Dryer and Deodorizer
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Bidet4me MB-2000
Bidet4me Hot/Cold Water "Dual Nozzle"
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