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Improving Personal Hygiene with a Bidet
Date : 2012-07-18 20:57:41

Did you know that personal hygiene is a matter of choice? There are some who think that wiping is not enough to clean the bottom area after using the toilet. This is the reason why bidets are becoming popular. This is a fixture that is mounted on the seat of the toilet. People have benefited from using bidet. Some of them are patients of rectum surgery while others are affected with hemorrhoids or cramps. With the help of bidets, they can help in easing the pain. You can either choose a bidet that is attached on toilet while others prefer a separate fixture which is more favored since you can angle the water in the right direction. There are some modern bidets with features like heated seats, adjustable temperature and water pressure, built in dryers, and a lot more. Aside from patients of certain diseases, this is also good for senior citizens, disabled, and even women having their menstrual period.

MB-1000 (Easy Bidet) Single Nozzle -Easy Install & Easy Clean - Come with Water Pressure Control

MB-2000 (Easy Bidet with Warm Water Spray and Water Pressure Control) Dual Nozzles for better hygiene

E-200A (Electronic Bidet) - heated seat, adjustable temperature and water pressure. built in dryers. Female, Kid and Auto Clean Fuction

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