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Avoiding Bladder Infections By Using A Bidet
Date : 2012-03-14 23:42:19

Bladder infections can feel like a literal slice of hell.   Often referred to as cystitis or urinary tract infection (UTI), they can affect both men and women, if they don’t observe proper hygiene in their private regions.

E-Coli is a form of bacteria that lives in the feces.  When they remain in your skin and you engage in sex, they can easily be driven up to the urinary tube (even spreading to the bladder and kidneys), causing a painful infection.

An Ounce Of Prevention

Removing E-Coli from your person is one of the biggest reasons to start using a bidet, in place of regular toilet paper.  When you wipe with a toilet paper, remnants of the dirt can easily remain in your posterior, which allows the bacteria to thrive.  Additionally, toilet paper can easily damage, allowing some of the fecal matter to spread, potentially making its way into your hands and fingers.

Washing your soiled ass with a bidet, on the other hand, is guaranteed to remove all feces in the area.   The strong gush of warm water from the nozzle should effectively dispose of all dirt and bacteria that attach to skin and hair in your bottom, effectively cleaning you up.

Many doctors recommend a thorough shower before and after sex, to ensure cleanliness in your private areas.  A bidet should easily facilitate that, without having to go all-in to have a full bath.

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