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BIDET4ME, MB-1000, Fresh Water \"Single Nozzle\"
Sale $49.99 (Retail $75) plus Free Shipping in USA
BIDET4ME E-200A Electronic Bidet Seat with Dryer and Deodorizer
Sale $469.99 (Retail $769) plus Free Shipping in USA (Limited Time)
BIDET4ME, MB-2000, Hot/Cold Water \"Dual Nozzles\"
Sale $89.99 (Retail $120) plus Free Shipping in USA

Bidet4me is a part of NCTech International Co., Ltd and mainly supply top quality toilet seats.

Bidet4me offers one stop shopping solution for bidet toilet seats (electric, non-electric, and hand held bidets) and bathroom accessories (showers and faucets).

We have been supplying Residential and Commercial Bidets or Toilet Seats to North American as well as international markets.


BIDET4ME Announces Launch Of Holiday Promotion
BIDET4ME E-200A electric bidet Review (From Dr. Lu)
BIDET4ME is now among the top 10 electronic bidet brands worldwide
BIDET4ME.Com is about to Introduce Their Electric Bidets Products to the Market
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