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Bidet4me Fresh Water "Single Nozzle"
Sale $49.99 (Retail $75) plus Free Shipping in USA
Electronic Bidet Seat with Dryer and Deodorizer (E-200A)
Sale $469.99 (Retail $769) plus Free Shipping in USA (Limited Time)
Bidet4me Hot/Cold Water "Dual Nozzles"
Sale $89.99 (Retail $120) plus Free Shipping in USA

Bidet4me is a part of NCTech International Co., Ltd and mainly supply top quality toilet seats.

Bidet4me offers one stop shopping solution for bidet toilet seats (electric, non-electric, and hand held bidets) and bathroom accessories (showers and faucets).

We have been supplying Residential and Commercial Bidets or Toilet Seats to North American as well as international markets.


BIDET4ME - Best solution to water scarcity in cities
Reliable, Reputable And Trustworthy Toilet Seats And Bathroom Accessories
Bidet4me.Com Introduces Bathroom Accessories With Water Saving Technology
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